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Emotional. Romantic. Timeless. Beautiful.

~ Maja & Toby

Fine Art Wedding Videography


Sound plays a curial role in how you feel when you watch one of my films. It's of equal importance to the visuals. The emotion in his voice during the vows. The applause as you enter the room. It all builds a picture in your mind and places you there. Combined with intermate and delicately composed cinematography I'll help you to relive the best day of your life

I love to capture natural footage. I want to capture the way he looks at you. I want to capture the way he holds you. I want every smile real and true.

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Wedding Photography &VIDEO

I work closely with my wife Sarah to offer a film and photography package that is both beautiful and timeless. Together we’re passionate about creating films and photographs that you will cherish.

With a similar calm and friendly energy Sarah and I are the perfect wedding team. We both look at light the same way and seek to create a cohesive aesthetic between your photos and video.

We believe that the beauty in life lies in the experiences that create who we are and shape who we want to be.

Your wedding day is a day like no other in your life, one to remember for always. To capture those moments and bring them back to you for a lifetime is the biggest thrill and honour to us.


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" The first thing to say is just 'wow'. As you may know, we are both (maybe obsessively at times!) absolute perfectionists, and at no time more than on our wedding day. We mean this from the absolute bottom of our hearts, that the videos you have produced are so far beyond our expectations we can't even fathom. So beautifully, and so thoughtfully made, and (as you definitely do know we're both quite emotional!) we've cried so many times watching them time again."