In our wonderful world of social media we can upload and share our films instantly so our friends and family can view them wherever they are in the world and that’s amazing. However there is something very special about gathering together with those dearest to you to watch a film together.

I’ve taken part many times in something called the 48 hour film project were after making a film in 48 hours its shown at a cinema. It’s an amazing experience and one that I thought I could bring to the starring cast of my wedding films.

Last Saturday 35 of Becki and Sam’s close friends and family members gathered together in a function room at Hartford Hall in Northwich to watch all 3 of their wedding films. The Highlights film, the full length ceremony and the full length speeches films and it was extremely special.

For the bride and groom to be able to see and hear how people reacted to their film as opposed to reading facebook comments was lovely and from my point of view it was also a great experience to see a live reaction to one of my films.

I very much hope this is something that will become more common in the future. After the wedding and honeymoon is over it’s a really nice way to bring everyone back together and relive these special moments side by side with those most important to you.

A huge thank you to Sam and Becki for helping me arrange the night! See their wedding Highlight film here.



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