An Intimate London Wedding Video

George Meehan House – Boulestin, St James

Intimate London wedding video

An intimate London wedding video featuring Hampstead Heath and a lot of dancing!

I was so happy to be involved in this incredible couples wedding day, and meeting them was truly an honour. Both hailing from Argentina their wedding was a day filled with celebration and so much fun! 

We always love coming to London, there is nowhere else like it in the world, but to film a wedding here was no easy feat! But with the help of numerous Ubers me and my cameras made it across the city for both bride and groom prep, a simple ceremony at George Meehan House, a quick stop at Hampstead Heath for some time with our couple, then finally onto the chic Boulestin restaurant in St James. 

intimate london wedding video

My favourite thing about weddings has to be the people. There is nothing like a day when a couple can bring together everyone they care about to just enjoy life and celebrate love! Gaby and Santi were lucky to welcome their families who had flown over just for the occasion, and I was blown away by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. 

The George Meehan House was a lovely setting for a low key, intimate London wedding video; a peaceful and quiet location, with plenty of space to gather outside afterwards – where everybody got a hug with the happy couple! Sooo much hugging! 

The weather was perfect, sunny and warm with a light breeze and as Gaby and Santi left there was a choir singing the Beatles as confetti was thrown. 

A white cab arrived to whisk the bride and groom off to Hampstead Heath for photos and video shoot which was just wonderful. Gaby was so understated and elegant in a simple white dress, short enough to allow her to dance! One of my favourite clips is of Gaby and Santi dancing together under the blue sky on top of Hampstead Heath. Just perfect. 

intimate london wedding video

Hampstead Heath London Wedding

On to french restaurant Boulestin in St James for the most incredible wedding reception. It was easy to see why they had chosen a Boulestin wedding. From the outside you would never imagine there was a secret courtyard out the back, a real treat for a balmy August evening in the city. The interior is like walking back into pre-war Paris, with high ceilings and luxury furnishing, mirrors everywhere and low key lighting. Tables were moved to create space on the beautiful checkerboard tiles for a dance floor, stunning artwork adorned the walls and the setting truly matched the understated elegance of our couple. 

boulestin wedding

boulestin wedding

Amazing french food was served to guests, absolutley stunning to look at and tasted devine. Jazz music and salsa dancing set the tone for a wonderful night of dancing and partying, truly unforgettable.

Its always incredible to meet so many different people in my line of work and this wedding was a true adventure into waters unknown. Wedding videography is a challenge no doubt, but one I completely relish. I loved every second of this day and will always remember it fondly. 

Thank you so much Gaby and Santi – I hope you enjoy your films!

intimate london wedding video

If you are planning a wedding at Boulestin, George Meehan House or any part of London, get in touch for a quotation. Please note that for London weddings we do add £300 to all our packages for travel and accomodation, but that means we are able to stay until the end of your party!




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This beautiful, intimate London wedding video featured the following suppliers:

Venue: George Meehan House and Boulestin

Videographer: Harvey Films

Photographer: Kelly Clarke Photography