Our Premiere film package is the very best we can offer. It’s packed full of extras and passionately crafted films. It includes two filmmakers, drone footage, and extra edits.

This package is particularly suited to those that really don’t want to miss a moment. Ideal for church ceremonies, or where you plan to get ready in two seperate locations, or if you just want to make sure that you’ve got all angles covered!



  • 20 min feature film.
  • 5 min highlight film.
  • Full ceremony & speeches film.
  • Drone footage
  • Two filmmakers.
  • Sneak peek film.
  • First dance film.
  • Online film showcase.

See examples and explanations below.

wedding videography
wedding videography


An emotionally driven, cinematic documentary of your day.

The feature film is a carefully edited, full documentary of your day. It’s the main film and the one to watch with close friends and family.

The film starts with you both getting ready and covers everything right through until party time.  We use ambient sound from the day to place you right back in the moment as well as highlights from the speeches and ceremony, layered over carefully chosen music to compliment the footage and bring the emotions to the forefront.


A carefully crafted, exciting and cinematic short film of your day.

This is the most cinematic and carefully edited film we can make. This 5-minute film actually takes longer to edit than a 20-minute feature film. That’s because it’s a true work of art (and we’re perfectionists when it comes to it!). Our goal is to evoke emotion at every turn. To give you a portal back to the moments and make you feel everything again and again.

We pour our hearts and souls into these films.  It’s not always the obvious moments of the day that can be the most powerful. Sometimes it’s the smallest of things, a glance, a deep breath, or the look in his eyes across the dance floor.  We collect all these little moments and bring them together in a beautiful and powerful short film to treasure for a lifetime.


Every moment of your wedding ceremony.

This is a real-time film of your ceremony. It starts just before you walk down the aisle and ends when you both walk out together as newly-weds. Every second, every reading, every smile. We use 3 cameras to make sure we get the best angle of everything that’s happening and carefully hidden microphones to ensure we get great audio.

It’s hard to take it all in when it’s actually happening so this is a great way to relive it – without the nerves!


Every joke, every tear, every cheer.

This is a real-time film of every moment of your speeches! The film lasts however long your speeches go on for so don’t worry about how long they are taking – the best man can take his time squeezing out as many terrible jokes as he wants. We’ll get it all so you can play it every day – or maybe keep it for those extra special occasions! We use 3 different cameras to capture all the action and lapel microphones to ensure clear audio.

Enjoy all the jokes and all the tears again and again.


You love drone. So do we!

Drone Video can really add a whole new dimension to your films. It helps to establish a beautiful setting as well as help the film transition from scene to scene.  It can also be great to use it a little closer to the ground during video shoots for some very cinematic footage.

Paul is a fully CAA licensed and insured drone pilot, with years of experience flying drones. Most venues permit them but they can only be flown with the permission of the venue, so something to check with your venue if you’re desperate for drone footage. We also can’t fly in certain locations near airports and built-up areas, such as cities. We also can’t fly in adverse weather conditions but we find that even on the worst weather days there’s often a moment to nip out and grab a few shots.


We like to party, Everybody does. Add extra time for £300.

Some of the best moments of the day can happen in the last few minutes! One great way to end the best day of your life is with all your most loved friends and family gathered arm in arm on the dance floor singing at the top of their lungs as you embrace for one last kiss before midnight! It’s an incredible way to end your day and it’s also an incredible way to end your film! So we really want to be there for it!

If the party is important to you then it’s really great to have this as part of your package.  It the most vibrant and action-packed part of the day and we love to heavily feature it in feature films and highlight films.


Just the two of us.

We’re a wife and husband team and love to work together. We feel we can make our best films when we do. Luckily we are as in love as you are so we have a great time doing what we love doing. We are great to be around and we are both very chilled out and easy going. Sarah is sometimes seen with tears in her eyes behind the camera! She loves weddings more than she loves puppies and cheesecake.

Having two filmmakers makes sure we don’t miss anything. Such as footage of you both getting ready and being able to set up for the ceremony film without missing the final moments of bride preparations. This is particularly important with church ceremonies or any wedding that takes place in more than one location.


When you just can’t wait.

Editing all your films takes up to around 12 weeks and we know that waiting can be the hardest part of getting your films! So if you don’t like waiting, and why would you? Then a sneak peek is a great idea. It’s a mini glimpse of a moment from your day that we can edit quickly and send it to you as soon as possible after your wedding.

Are you the kind of person who used to sneak a little look at your Christmas presents before Christmas? Be honest!


Every Step.

The first dance is a very special part of your day and it’s lovely to capture it in its entirety. We’ll shoot this with two cameras and give you a real-time edit of your dance. So get practicing! Here’s a little tip. If you’re going to practice your first dance do it in a similar length dress to the one you’ll wear on your day! Or your daft new husband might keep stepping on it and it turns into a comedy act! Or so I’ve heard…


Unlimited sharing.

This is a collection of all your films in one place. It’s a really slick and modern way to watch and share your films. You can send it to as many people as you like and download them as many times as you like.  You can play them on any smart TV or any internet-connected device.

If you would like a really fancy USB box for yourself or for the family you can grab as many as you need as an extra.



Iscoyd Park Wedding Videographer

You have the option to include:

Second Filmmaker &/or Second Photographer – £300
Extra late coverage upto midnight – £300
Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) film (all the candid footage from your day in one long length film) – £800
Multi-camera professional ceremony live streams – get in touch

Let’s make a wedding film.


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