Lauren & Phil

It was a beautiful evening in Laughton, Bicester as I met with the lovely couple Lauren and Phil for their engagement photoshoot. The location we had chosen was perfect, surrounded by lush green fields and a stunning forest as a backdrop. The warm golden hour light made everything look timeless and ethereal. I was excited to capture the couple's love in such a breathtaking setting.

As we began the photo shoot, I took some warm-up shots to get Lauren and Phil comfortable in front of the camera. It was clear they were very much in love, the way they looked at each other with such tenderness and adoration. I knew these photos would be cherished by them for years to come.

As we moved through the fields and into the forest, I began to play with the light in different ways. Shadows and highlights danced across the couple, creating an almost otherworldly effect. It was challenging at times to get the lighting just right, but that's always the joy of photography; every shoot is different and requires a unique perspective.

Once the evening came to an end, Lauren and Phil thanked me for such a wonderful experience. I knew that these photographs would serve as a cherished memento of this special time in their lives. Moments like these remind me how much I love my job as a wedding photographer and videographer, capturing the intimate moments of love between two people and the magic that surrounds them.

Beautiful reminders of places we’ve been and people we’ve loved.

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