Our Feature package is full of carefully crafted films including a 20-minute feature film and the centerpiece of all our work, the show-stopping 5-minute highlight film.  You’ll also get a full length film of the ceremony and a full length film of the speeches film in this pack.



  • Full day coverage till 9pm.
  • Single filmmaker.
  • 20 min feature film.
  • 5 min highlight film
  • Full ceremony film
  • Full speeches film
  • Online film showcase

See examples and explanations below.

wedding videography
wedding videography


An emotionally driven, cinematic documentary of your day.

The feature film is a carefully edited, full documentary of your day. It’s the main film and the one to watch with close friends and family.

The film starts with you both getting ready and covers everything right through until party time.  We use ambient sound from the day to place you right back in the moment as well as highlights from the speeches and ceremony, layered over carefully chosen music to compliment the footage and bring the emotions to the forefront.


A carefully crafted, exciting and cinematic short film of your day.

This is the most cinematic and carefully edited film we can make. This 5-minute film actually takes longer to edit than a 20-minute feature film. That’s because it’s a true work of art (and we’re perfectionists when it comes to it!). Our goal is to evoke emotion at every turn. To give you a portal back to the moments and make you feel everything again and again.

We pour our hearts and souls into these films.  It’s not always the obvious moments of the day that can be the most powerful. Sometimes it’s the smallest of things, a glance, a deep breath, or the look in his eyes across the dance floor.  We collect all these little moments and bring them together in a beautiful and powerful short film to treasure for a lifetime.


Every moment of your wedding ceremony.

This is a real-time film of your ceremony. It starts just before you walk down the aisle and ends when you both walk out together as newly-weds. Every second, every reading, every smile. We use 3 cameras to make sure we get the best angle of everything that’s happening and carefully hidden microphones to ensure we get great audio.

It’s hard to take it all in when it’s actually happening so this is a great way to relive it – without the nerves!


Every joke, every tear, every cheer.

This is a real-time film of every moment of your speeches! The film lasts however long your speeches go on for so don’t worry about how long they are taking – the best man can take his time squeezing out as many terrible jokes as he wants. We’ll get it all so you can play it every day – or maybe keep it for those extra special occasions! We use 3 different cameras to capture all the action and lapel microphones to ensure clear audio.

Enjoy all the jokes and all the tears again and again.



Iscoyd Park Wedding Videographer

You have the option to include:

Second Filmmaker &/or Second Photographer – £300
Extra late coverage upto midnight – £300
Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) film (all the candid footage from your day in one long length film) – £800
Multi-camera professional ceremony live streams – get in touch

Let’s make a wedding film.


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