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Hubby and wife since 2009, besties since 2002, soulmates since the beginning of time. Lovers of pizza, coffee and netflix. Parents to 3 spirited tickle monsters and 1 fluffy princess. Cheshire dwelling, travel loving, adventure seekers. Thoughtful, warm hearted and hopeless romantics. Also partial to ‘thats what she said’ jokes.  Paul likes to run. Sarah likes to read.

We set up Harvey Films in June 2018 and haven’t looked back. Working together filming weddings is our calling it seems and every wedding we take on is an absolute honour to be part of. We are based in the Northwest of England, covering all across the UK and beyond; bringing kindness and cheer as we go! We’re always open to new experiences and meeting new people. We would love to meet you!

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Passion. Energy. Commitment.

All couples are unique and the way they love each other is too; no two films are ever the same and every couple gets a bespoke service when they work with us. We are both really easy going and happy go-lucky and the way we shoot reflects that. We ultimately want you to be at ease and having fun, after all it’s your wedding day!

We want to make love stories; the ultimate happy endings, just like in the movies and that’s what we strive for when we make your wedding film.  We’re always honoured to be given the opportunity to capture a wedding and are dedicated to making a film you’ll love; a little piece of your history that in 40 years time you’ll watch together with family and a lifetimes worth of memories to look back on.   That’s so important and it’s an amazing thing to be part of.


Chatty. Arty. Likes Cake.

wedding videography

I fell in love with weddings at age 4 when my Mum stopped to point out a bride and groom leaving a church to me. “Look at the bride Sarah, isn’t she happy?” And yep, she was! I was transfixed from that moment, church bells ringing, the scent of summer blooms heavy in the air. I was a fan!
One childhood spent watching Disney and a dress up box of wedding dresses later and before I knew it I was a bride myself. Marrying Paul was the happiest day of my life, and not for the reasons I’d always thought; there was a dress and flowers (but no bells unfortunately) but mostly there was unconditional love, respect and a supportive hand to hold on this crazy journey through life. Marriage begins with a wedding, and being able to be there to get that amazing day down on film to me is a privilege like no other.
My background of photography and a degree in Contemporary Art from Leeds University has taught me the importance of good composition, use of natural light and how to capture authentic expression through the lens.



Polite. A gent. Likes Running.

wedding videography

Wedding filmmaking is a truly rewarding and exciting passion. I’ve always found making any film to be exhilarating and creative whether it’s a corporate film or an indy short, but wedding films have a unique set of challenges and rewards which makes them really special.  The feeling of anticipation as the day builds towards the ceremony, the once in a lifetime moments, the unpredictable nature of a live event all play a part in my love of wedding filmmaking.

I’ve been making films of one kind or another for 16 years since I started to shoot music videos for my band in my late teens. After studying Sound and Video Technology at Salford University I went on to shoot hundreds of hours of online tutorials, made many promotional films, created vlogs about my hobby of running and of course started my own company dedicated to the art of wedding filmmaking.



We love our couples! The best part of the job is the people we meet along the way. We have been truly fortunate to work with some of the nicest humans on their happiest of days and here’s what they have to say about us…

Merrydale Manor Wedding Videographer

Thank you to an amazing couple, Paul & Sarah, for producing such an amazing wedding film, the attention to detail, talent, professionalism and quality is above and beyond.

You helped make our day even more special, there when we needed you for advice and support but then absolutely no stress or pressure on the day.

Perfect service and we definitely recommend Harvey Films.

Stephen & Claire

We cannot thank Paul enough for our perfect wedding videos.

From start to finish Paul has just been incredible with us, we had to change our wedding on multiple occasions, from a 100+ person spring wedding to a 15+ winter wedding – Paul was with us every step of the way, so flexible and so understanding.

We were really nervous as to what the wedding video would look like only having 15 people. I should never have doubted Paul and his talent. The videos he produced were just magical, his attention to detail is just incredible.

From the moment we met Paul he spent time getting to know my husband and I, understanding exactly what we wanted. Due to covid restrictions we were not able to have a lot of family or friends at the wedding but thanks to Paul friends have commented that they felt that they were there. I cannot wait to share the videos with my family as a Christmas surprise!

We cannot wait to work with Paul and the team in 2022 when we renew our wedding vows surrounded by our friends and family.

Thank you again for just being so incredible, working with us during covid difficulties and just simply creating our dream wedding video.

Highly recommend!

Zoe & John

Wow! From the moment we met for our initial catch up it was clear Paul and Sarah don’t do things by halves.

Perfection and detail in every aspect throughout the whole day and into the night. It was like having friends filming our wedding and nothing was too much.

100% recommend to anyone who’ll listen!

Alice & Lloyd

Arley Hall Wedding Videographer

Harvey Films were hired to film our wedding, but the service and finished product that they provided was so much more than we expected. Their service was very professional and personally tailored to us.

We had meetings prior to the wedding, not only for the basics of what we wanted for our wedding video, but to socialise with us so that we were comfortable with them on our special day.

Wedding days can be very nerve racking for some and the addition of being filmed throughout can be daunting. But their style and professionalism put us at ease and we generally forgot that they were there which allowed them to create a much more natural video.

The amount of time and effort put in from Harvey Films makes their service well worth the money and you won’t regret using them. We constantly rewatch our video to relive our wedding day. It’s great to see things that you miss on the day and to see all of our family and friends enjoying the day.

Many thanks to Harvey Films again. You bring our special day back to life everytime we watch the video.

Phillipa & Steven

Paul was recommended to us by a previous client of his and we so pleased that Paul was the videographer we chose to capture our wedding day.
We initially didn’t believe we wanted a videographer, as every previous videographer we had seen had shown us very ‘over-produced’ and over the top productions of wedding videos and we wanted a very natural, documentary style video so that we could remember our wedding day exactly as it was and showcasing the people that we love and their personalities.

When I got introduced to Paul and he presented some examples of his work I knew straight away that he was the guy for us. His work is a breath of fresh air and captures a magic I didn’t think was possible to capture on film, twinkles in loved ones eyes and giggles from inside jokes, putting spotlights on personalities and priceless moments.

He takes great pride in his work and is very professional, but equally he is a lovely, kind man and so easy to get on with! This was very important for me as I was adamant that I only wanted people around me on the day that I felt comfortable with, and got on with. This worked out perfectly with the natural style wedding photography and videography that we achieved to document our day.
Paul was there for us as the crack of dawn and set up all of his equipment professionally and discreetly, and he didn’t leave until he had captured everything he possibly could! All of our guests commented on how hard working he is!
The end result is incredible, emotive and visually stunning wedding videography that we will treasure for the rest of our lives and I know that looking back on these videos for years to come they will always bring a smile to ours and our families faces.
I cant thank Paul enough and I could keep writing forever about how incredible he is, but I am grateful that not only do we have the best wedding videos in the world but we have also gained a good friend!
Thank you Paul x

Steph & Dearg
Paul, you are hands down the most amazing videographer ever!!
All of the hard work you put in before, during and after our wedding is incredible. Our wedding videos are out of this world, amazing!! Every single detail is amazing. We could not recommend you highly enough!!!
The most friendliest nicest guy, the most professional videographer with the most awesome equipment.
We watch our videos all the time and love every second of them. Thank you so much for helping us to keep our wedding day special forever!!!
Becki & Sam

Amazing , professional and dedicated people who love what they do and their movies are beautiful and touching.

Paul came to visit us in Germany and made a movie as an introduction to our wedding. In September 2019 they recorded our wedding in Cheshire, and we very delightful with the results.

Moreover they are such a lovely people who make wedding events even more special!
We would recommend Harvey Fillms to everyone who wants to have great memories from their special day!

Stanka & Chris

Couldn’t have asked for more from Harvey Films.

Beautiful attention to detail in everything they do and were easy to work with from day one of meeting.

Thank you so much 💕

Rebecca & Phil